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Keep it Simple

RNY Group is a local team of specialists delivering software, marketing, hardware, and network solutions since 2009. We put our expertise and skills at the service of client business to pave their way to industry leadership.

  • Local IT services only. We prefer to work on your end.
  • Flexible & flat rate pricing structure.
  • All inclusive IT services for small & mid-size companies.
  • Simple support system.

Keep it simple

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Why Choose RNY Group

Your Local IT Professionals, at your zip code

We are a local computer and network solutions company committed to delivering unparalleled technical expertise with a friendly touch. We service a variety of local businesses big and small in all facets of their I.T. from network system to cloud hosting to general support. Whether it is a high availability environment or just a small network we are here to meet your needs.

Local IT services only

Flexible & flat rate pricing structure

All inclusive IT services for small & mid-size companies

Simple support system